Fan Club International

Welcome to The Fan Club International Entertainment Group.

Who we are: The Fan Club International, Inc. aka FCI is an Entertainment Marketing Company that's created a "NEW" Reality, Identity, Purpose and Destiny to produce a "New Entertainment Industry" that provides you "True Entertainment Empowerment”.

Our Mission:To provide Fans the best new upcoming, and recognized Entertainers and Independent Companies: to provide a variety of exciting music, movies, entertainment products, fashions and events.

* Entertainment Fans, now be part of the Entertainment Industry and build your own Entertainment Marketing Company.

* Entertainers, learn how "Your Fans" can "Get Paid" for "Buying" your products and "Attending" your events.

* Entertainers, "Maintain Full Rights" to your entertainment products and more.

* Entertainment Companies, learn how to "Joint Network" with your Entertainers and their Fans to build a "NEW ENTERTAINMENT DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM.

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