Farming Simulator 2017

#1 English speaking group for farming simulator 2017. Mods, mult...iplayer, equipment. Feel free to discuss.

Hello and welcome everybody !!
This group is for Farming Simulator 2017 content ONLY.

Admin's / Moderators :
Rich Mater ---------(Group Owner / Admin
Tante Heinrich -----(Admin)
Steve Hobgoblin -(Admin)
Mark Steeves -----(Admin)

Matthew Williams (Moderator)
Ross Wolfenden -(Moderator)
Kadee Fowler- ----(Moderator)
Chris Zorn ----------(Moderator)
Jonny Platt ----------(Moderator)
Ole Johannes ----- (Moderator)

If anyone has any questions , please feel free to ask away.
The rules are simple:
* Posting of Gaming Set-up will be deleted
* No talk of Politics or Religion.
* No asking for game serial numbers / cracks
* No Swearing
* Don't spam your pages / videos (Twitch/YouTube Channels)
* No Contracting groups / Applications
* Be polite / nice to all members
* Do not post "Private Mods"
* Do NOT block Admin's.

Also , if you Play American Truck Simulator or Euro Truck Simulator , feel free to join my other group.