Fat2FitMoms (Elisabeth Smittipatana)

Welcome Mommies!

Hi! You're in this exclusive group because you are either my friend, my facebook friend, or both. Please do not share any photos or content posted in this group.

In order to retain confidentiality and aggressively protect our privacy and encourage open sharing of our experiences; I'm no longer accepting new members or keeping members who are not facebook friends with me. I need to verify who you are authentically (For example, that you are not some creepy guy somewhere! lol). As an active business woman who is involved and known in my community, quite honestly, I don't want to share my fat pictures, thoughts, and feelings with just anyone. Please friend me if you haven’t yet.

I've created this group for us to support one another in our journey to lose weight and/or live a healthier life. Please post your successes, failures, questions, advice or ask for encouragement. I'm absolutely here to support you in your weight loss journey as you are in mine!!

All diet recipes and exercises that has worked for you are welcomed! Please keep all postings positive and confidential. Because of our exclusivity any member who is "reading only" will be gently exited out of our group. It is acceptable to "read only" if you "like" posts that you read. This is a must to encourage and support the poster.

**My Story/Intro:
I gained 60 plus pounds during my pregnancy. Initially I lost the first 20lbs by portion control and breastfeeding. I've managed to lose another 20 pounds since March 2013. The first 5lbs was through eliminating all sugar for a month. Then I lost another 5lbs eliminating all carbs, except for sprouted grains. Controlling my sugar blood level was the focus. I lost another 10lbs eating regularly and jogging. Since starting this group I've lost 10lbs. Currently I'm on my journey to my ideal weight, which means I need to lose an additional 10lbs.

Being on a restrictive diet and exercising is not fun yet for me. This is why I've created this group. I'm hoping we can support each other. Celebrate successes and provide encouragement, as well as inspiration to continue losing weight and living a healthier life.

Thanks, Elisabeth Smittipatana