Fatal Series Readers Group

For readers of Marie Force's Fatal Series! Come dish about Sam, Nick, Gonzo, Freddie and the D.C. gang!

A few rules:
1. NO SPOILERS OF ANY KIND ALLOWED HERE. This includes Fatal books, other books by Marie and books by other authors. Members are encouraged to discuss overall themes and the island and what they love about the series, but specific plot points from the various books should be discussed in the individual book groups. Find a complete list of the book groups at http://marieforce.com/connect/. Posts that are deemed to contain spoilers will be removed by the administrators. Repeat offenders may be removed from the group.

2. NO LENDING DISCUSSIONS. Marie is in the business of selling books. Please conduct your conversations about book lending elsewhere. We appreciate your consideration.

3. MAKE FRIENDS AND HAVE FUN! We encourage robust conversation and debate, as long as it remains respectful. Marie and her staff reserve the right to remove any thread that wanders into the realm of disrespectful or controversial. No politics, no religion. Thank you for respecting your fellow members. We reserve the right to remove members at our discretion.

Concerns? Contact Marie's team at [email protected] Thank you for your support of Marie and her books!