Fayette County Chapter of BamaCarry

Welcome to the Fayette County Chapter of BamaCarry.
You’ll find some great, freedom minded/loving folks here. It’s important to let your friends know about our Gun Rights and the freedoms we have. It’s not all about guns, it’s about freedom. Freedom of religion, press, speech and more. We’ve slowly let our liberty/freedoms get away from us. You’ll learn a lot here and it won’t take long before you’ll know for sure what the gun laws are in Alabama.

PS: If your posts contain profanity, talk promoting violence, confrontation with LEO’s, or anything illegal, you will be removed from the group. We follow the law, support our Law Enforcement Officers, and work with them, not against them.

PSS: Please, No Items For Sale Should Be Posted.

Please join the main BamaCarry page www.facebook.com/groups/bamacarry

All current laws are located on the Web page www.bamacarry.org