Fetish swingers and dating site

Fetish swinger and dating site but you must be 18 years of being here

I here make this site for people are in to Fetish and are into this lifestyle so you may come in contact with each other in the whole world and in your country so if you are swingers, or you are looking for a date with someone looking same as you or os are swingers or looking for a date or looking four more spice in your life are you welcome on the site.

If you are bisexual gay lesbian or heterosexual then you are all welcome here on the side I tolerate no discrimination because we all need to be here and I give only three warnings and you will be deleted from the pag

you may well share yourself and tell us what your Fetish is on the page and all your pictures hugs and love from me to you

be sweet and nice to add jers friends to my group and you can add photos to the group thanks in advance