To provide updates in the world of MMA and promote discussion. N...ot just the main stages like the UFC. Anyone is welcome to give their input on up and coming fighters, events, and future main events.

**Hey everyone! The group is growing quickly and with growth, we need to make sure that everyone is respectful of other members and try and keep this as a close community. ANY POST WITH EXCESSIVE VULGARITY WILL BE DELETED.
There are a lot of people posting articles and videos. Before you post something, please take the time to scroll down a little to see if it hasn't already been posted. Helps keep the discussion in one place.These extra postings will be deleted.
When it comes to posting, this isn't a page that's here for free advertising of your products. We post about mma news and opinions. If anyone posts anything not related to mma, it will be taken down. Along with any links to websites with malicious pop ups, click baiting, street fighting, or any inappropriate content.
If members don't follow these guidelines, they will be warned, then banned if need be.
In the words of the best ref in the game (my opinion of course), Herb Dean, "Let's keep it clean, and follow my instructions at all times!"