Figure Painting at Clague Studio

Hello, Kansas City area artists! My wife Andrea and I are excited to host weekly live figure painting/drawing sessions on Thursday nights at our studio! These sessions are non-instructional times for local artists to get together and do what we love best... create.

We'd love to have you join us. If you're interested, please message me (Adam Clague) for directions to our studio. The model fee will be $6 per person, per week. We'll be having only clothed or costumed models, no nudes. Please bring your own easel/horse and supplies.

We regret we only have room for about 8, so if you'd like to come, contact us ahead of time to see whether it will be crowded. If you come, and we're already full, you are still very welcome to try to squeeze in or just enjoy some free coffee and fellowship if you feel it's too tight to work.

We look forward to seeing you!