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Film & TV producer/director professionals producing their next film in LA, NY, Louisiana or Georgia. Equity Film Investors welcome. Largest USA data base: actors, crew, Cinematographers,writers, models, dancers, stunt coordinators, casting directors, make up, lighting, craft service, costume, set design, music composers or bands are welcome to join to network. Distribution reps scout here for finished films.
Paid job posts for above & below the line work. Paid jobs for agent, manager, producer or director assistant.
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We ask that members get priority on all castings or to interview for employment on any productions.
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Open to any film tax credit state or country Film & TV professionals.
Our members comment, like, share and support other members & their work.
If you have a service you'd like to share with the group that is Film/TV related ask the manager for approval. I have moderators for the group now.
Members prefer introductions of members by- talent or skill share.
Discussions on news, latest technology, shares, tips, contests, castings, referrals for work.
You may put link to your work on discussions you contribute.
Once Monthly introduce yourself or your work. Highlight your latest credits etc.
Once Monthly highlight of best short or film.
Share events, news, castings and tips with members to network.
Active members may also join our sister groups once you liked our page and if you live in that state or country.

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