FFF Freelance Jobs in Film, Funk und Fernsehen

Diese Job-Gruppe richtet sich an alle Kollegen/innen in den Bereichen Bereich Film, Funk und Fernsehen.

Gepostet können Jobgesuche/ Angebote im Bereich Produktion, Postproduktion, Beleuchtung, Ton, VFX, SFX, Schneider, Maske, Regie, Assistent, Kamera, Praktikant, Kostüm, Schauspieler, Komparse, Requisite, Komponist, Aufnahmeleitung, Ausstattung, Drehbuch, Fahrer, Produktionsleiter und was euch sonst noch so in den Sinn kommt.

Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß.

This freelance job group is intended for all who work in the film, television, video and radio industries.

Post here if you have a job to offer or are looking for one in the areas of production, post-production, production designers, set designers, dressers and decorators, lighting, sound, including sound designers, recorders and mixers, VFX, SFX, CGI, editing, hairdressing and make-up, film directing, including 1st and 2nd assistants, camera operators, including 1st and 2nd camera operators, DOPs, focus pullers, clapper loaders, costume designers and supervisors, wardrobe, stylists, acting, locations, including location managers, drivers, extras, music composers, scriptwriters, unit managers, stunt men and co-ordinators, casting directors, gaffers, best boys, carpenters, props, including prop masters, model makers, and any other relevant jobs that would be considered applicable.