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Dear Members,


GOALS of our Art Community are for 'Emerging Artists'. We are a committed group for visual artists who are studying fine arts/visual arts/creative arts or within their first 5 years of professional practice.
The intention of this group is for members to post notices/information about what is happening in the art world. This can be about exhibitions, expressions of interest, prizes/grants etc.
Things to note:
- Please limit the amount of self-promotion, whilst it is permissible, be mindful of how this might be perceived in abundance.
- Please consider the content of your posts and think about if it fits within what the group is aiming to be about.
- This group is about fine art (painting, drawing, sculpture/spatial, photography, printmaking, sound, video, performance etc); there are many groups on Facebook for design/commercial art.

Thanks and regards, Admin.



1. Each member is allowed a total of 4 posts per 24 hours Painting, Sculpture, Drawing, Printmaking, Ceramics, Digital Media / Fine arts photography. ( Life Drawing - Nude Studies PG)

2. Forbidden posts: Political, Religious, Ads, any indecent posts or NUDITY.

3. Images or photos, should be uploaded only & not linked to any other group or FB page or linked to any web or site

4. Questions may only be addressed to our administrators via private messages
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Dear Members,

All new submissions will be approved by an Admin. I feel this is the only way we can get people to respect the rules of our Art Community.

The Arts Web site can see the artistic production of an artist all over the world. Please enjoy the art of the world.
Welcomeeee!!! We are happy with your message in the arts group. Please invite your friends!!! Por favor agregar a tus amigos al grupo Por favor, convide seus amigos 請邀請你的朋友!

Thank you all, it is an honour to be surrounded by so many talented Artists.