Fire the Grid I :: Become.

Fire the Grid I :: "Become" will take place on November 11th 2011 at 11:11 GMT.

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It is the last in a series of three worldwide meditations. These events are a countdown that started with Fire the Grid III :: "Be Defined" on July 17th 2007 and was followed by FTG II :: "Be Present" on July 28th 2009. It will be the most remarkable journey for it is the road to a defining moment in our history, a chance to reconnect with our Divine origin and with each other as ONE.

As we were joyful and grateful for this wonderful life in FTG III and present and accountable for our actions in FTG II, Fire the Grid I :: Be One will begin the process of Becoming One. One with the Earth: One with one another. One with timeless Truths and One with the Source of Life. On November 11th 2011 at 11:11 GMT, we will collectively "Become One" in a manner and in numbers that will change the course of human history forever. We will achieve this by returned to an unconditioned state, vibrating in our own unique truth both individually and collectively.

The goal of the collective Fire the Grid events is to restore the earth and humanity to a state of health and sustainability by creating a huge surge of positive energy through a collective and simultaneous worldwide meditation/prayer. Over the next two years, we are looking forward to reaching each of you and invite you to participate in this one hour meditation where we will choose our collective path by vibrating at the highest possible frequency, celebrating our Oneness.

Together we will create the greatest celebration ever in the history of our time here on Earth.

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