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Florida Beer Group is A Place for the Florida Beer Community to Post and Share. From Beer Enthusiasts to Beer Professionals, it is a place to interact, post info, comments, share thoughts, opinions, etc. about beer in Florida. It is here to help the Florida Beer Community and to also compliment the new Official Florida Beer Network page which is A Beer Community Network Promoting Florida Breweries and Florida Craft Beers within the state of Florida. Read the full description below and please click the link (https://www.facebook.com/FloridaBeerNetwork).

Remember please only post information or topics related to, or pertaining to beer either brewed in Florida, or beer sold in Florida. Craft and specialty beer is the main focus. We can all help promote beer within the Sunshine State.

Beer sold in Florida refers to non-mega/non-mass produced beers, namely nano, micro, seasonal, session, specialty, limited, rarer or vintage beers, etc. not brewed here but available to Floridians. For Beer sold in Florida, try to include where and when you had it so others may be able to find that beer in Florida too.

There are millions of topics and stories pertaining to or related to beer in some form, and thousands of sites and pages that are dedicated to everything about beer. Here at Florida Beer we focus on Florida only, otherwise we'd be just like the thousands of other beer media sites and pages. General beer news that pertains to the rest of the nation or the world has its valued place elsewhere. By focusing only on Florida Beer we will be able to help the Florida Craft Beer community better than non-Florida sites and pages. Please continue to support Florida Beer and the breweries that produce them.

Also please try to add onto already posted information if it’s the same topic or same source instead of over posting the same info. Group interaction, postings, and comments are encouraged.

Perhaps we will see each other somewhere in Florida and have a beer together. Thank you all.

Cordially, Leigh Middlemass

Florida Beer Network

Florida Beer Network is a beer community network promoting Florida Breweries and Florida Craft Beer.

It is the Official Facebook page of Florida Beer Network. The purpose of this page is to help promote Florida Breweries and Florida Craft Beers, as well as help those in the Florida Beer Community. From Florida Breweries and Florida Craft Beers to Brewpubs, Beer Bars, Beer Events, and Beer Festivals across Florida.

The Florida Beer Community Network is able to post official Facebook pages and links to websites for Florida Breweries, Florida Beer Bars, Florida Beer Events, etc. It is meant to be used as a resource to finding information about Florida Beers and where and when to find them.