Florida Botany II

A group to share information about Florida's plants.

Welcome, and please read this About section for information regarding Florida Botany posts and posting to the group.

Our membership is comprised of a diverse group, from Floridians with extensive botanical field experience to people of the world community interested in viewing photographs of our Florida plants. Florida's plants, native or exotic, provide not only a key component to the natural environment we admire in our views of the varied landscapes, but shelter and food for our fauna and human population. As such, our plants are not only admirable and necessary, but sometimes dangerous and extremely toxic to humans.

DISCLAIMER: The photographs, illustrations, discussions, and edibility and or medicinal claims of or about any plants (also to include the occasional reference to fungi and/or animal life) on the Florida Botany Facebook group are simply those of the individual posters. They are not intended to imply any material discussed is safe for human (and/or animal) consumption.

Unequivocal identification of plants from drawings and photos on Facebook is not always possible. Always do additional research on your own, and consult with a field expert before consuming anything obtained outside of traditional food vending sources. Additionally, always be careful handling plants because some can provoke extreme skin irritation and/or even fatal reaction upon dermatological contact.

Posting Guidelines:

1. Please provide a location and/or habitat, (county is preferred), for your Florida plant posts.

2. We welcome your photographs, plant descriptions, and other details of your personal experiences with Florida plants. However, because of safety issues, we cannot endorse the edibility or medicinal claims of Florida's wild plants.

3. Any photographs, drawings, or plant information not your own should properly acknowledge the source and not violate copyright laws. Facebook allows some photos, illustrations, and comments to be "shared" on Facebook. Please acknowledge the author and source of "shared" material. Do not "download" photos or any other material for personal use without direct consent of its provider/photographer/author.

4. Any spam or political posts will be deleted and the responsible posters will potentially risk immediate and permanent removal from the Florida Botany Facebook group. If you find a post offensive, please tag it as such for quicker admin review.

5. Wild harvesting of Florida's plants is not encouraged here. In fact we recognize the need to abide by all local, state and federal laws dealing with plant (and or all portions of plants including their fruits and seeds) plant removal, transplanting, destruction, and/or harvesting.

Welcome, and please enjoy our group. Feel free to participate by sharing your own photos, questions, and discussion points related to Florida Botany!