Florida Photographers

This group is solely for photographers (whether dabbler, hobbyist, amateur or pro) who reside in Florida. This is not a group to find a photographer or for marketing.

Joining our group:
If we cannot discern that you reside in Florida and are a photographer by looking up your public profile we will send you a message, if you do not respond we will ignore your request. If you have not been added to the group after 4 days then we have ignored your request to join for above reasons (also check your 'other' inbox in facebook messenger), if you would like to discuss the reasons or plea your case, please send a message to a group admin Sveinn Kjartansson or Daniel DelGatto.

We may delete your comment, post, photo or share if it breaches the guidelines or is offensive without notification. Continued breach of guidlines will result in a ban from the group without warning or notification.

Please do NOT:
Do NOT share or link directly to your album, photos or posts from other pages whether private or business.
Do NOT critique someone else's work unless they ask for it.
Do NOT upload more than 3 photos a day.
Do NOT Post your self advertisements and asking for votes more than twice a week, we all deserve a fair shake.
We do not appreciate advertising of your rates and booking openings or marketing of businesses not pertaining to Photography, please leave that for the modeling groups. We would like to keep this group purely for meeting new people, talking about ideas/techniques and sharing your work.
Do NOT Act like a jerk.
Do NOT Post looking for models or seeking a photographer to cover your event.
Do NOT seek to invite everyone from the group to an event hoping to get rich from the event fees. This is a collaboration group, not your personal money making device.
Do NOT modify, change or enhance in any way another persons photo without their express prior permission.
Do NOT upload anyone elses photos, only your own photography.
Do NOT argue with admins about the rules of the group, if you don't like it create your own and make your own rules.

Please do:
You're welcome to share your work or ask for opinions and constructive criticism.
As members of this group we welcome networking and conversation, we would like to see you take part of the community not just advertise yourself.
Upload your photos directly to the group and if you would like to credit your photography business include a separate link to that in the photo description.
Share events or needs of photographers in the areas that we could benefit from (do not spam the group however)
Use Common Sense.

Also side note, feel free to go to Edit Settings so you only get notified on certain things