Flower Mound Good News!

I am creating this group to focus on the positive news that is happening in our community. This isn't the group to focus on the negative. There is enough of that being represented on Facebook. This page supports our friends, neighbors, schools and the town that we love. Highland Village and Double Oak are welcome too! : ) Feel free to ask your friends to join!
1. BE KIND - Treat people with respect.
2. Business posts - Please do not post business ads. I will create a business file listing referral information indicating if the listing is a member of our group. If we have an expert it would be great to know! I f a new business is opening it can be mentioned on here by someone who is connected to the business. It IS good news to know what is available in Flower Mound/Highland Village.
2b, Here is page for Flo Mo small businesses that encourages advertising. https://www.facebook.com/groups/FloMoSmallBusiness/
2c. In addition, on the 15th of the month you are welcome to share your ads Consider your audience and create value for them. 1 ad per member per 15th of the month.
2d. Please feel free to speak up if someone is looking to hire someone in your field and is asking for referrals. FULL disclosure is always best. If you are referring your spouse, family member, best friend, let us know.
3. Inappropriate content or tone: It is hard to define but if I cringe or if someone contacts me because they are cringing I am checking out the post. I will contact you privately as I would much rather have people work out misunderstanding so that we can move forward. IF that is not possible because the post must be removed due to it's harmful/hurtful nature I will do that and contact the poster.
3b. Three strikes and you are out of the group. I hope that never happens.
I may add or change rules at anytime but those changes only go in effect once they are posted and noted for the group to review. Thank you for the interest you have in creating a positive Flower Mound community.