Flowers Exchange

Warmest welcome to "Flowers Exchange", this is a platform for friends & nature lovers from all around the world to share your passion. Please
help us make this a better place by:

1.Treating all members with utmost respect.
2.Sharing only photos taken by yourself,no downloads from internet. 3.NO ADVERTISING, NO LINKS, NO COLLAGES & PERSONAL ALBUMS
4.Lots of heartwork behind every picture here, so please respect copyrights, do not use or share other's photos without permission.
5.Post not more than 1 pics daily
6.Please keep this page clean.
7.Post only good photos.
8.Feel free to comment on pictures posted but not excessively
9.Welcome to add at least one of your friends.
Post good flower related photos only so that yours can be selected to the top 6 daily. Selected images will be made known on every Friday 10pm(Singapore time GMT+8).
Deciding Factors: a)Quality of Images
b)Informations provided(Anyone of these: name of flowers,quotes,poems, floral language etc to compliment your images)
c)Likes(likes are respected but not the main deciding factor)

Please note that your postings will automaticcally be deleted and you will be removed from the group for non compliance of the above terms (1-6). Admin also reserves the rights to remove pictures not reaching a minimum standard quality that deprives appreciation.

Thank you very much for your co-operation.


Enjoy & Thanks - Grp Admin