Fluff Love & CD Science

If you love Clean fluff, this is the place to be! As Facebook's largest cloth diaper advice and troubleshooting group, we advocate the proper washing of cloth diapers so the world can see how easy it is to love fluff in all its forms! Come here to talk Cloth Diapers, get help, and keep your baby's bottom clean and comfortable!

For all Off-topic Chat please Fluff Love Off-Topic Chat at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FluffLoveChat/
For cloth diaper buy/sell/trading, please join us at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/FluffLoveBuySellTrade/

For our complied list of documents:

1. For your protection, NO RASH SHOTS are allowed. We cannot diagnose, and we cannot guarantee there are not creepos waiting to see exposed baby flesh. We will help you treat your DIAPERS as needed, and can help you avoid or fix rash issues pertaining to the cloth.
2. Blocking any admin in any of the Fluff Love groups will get you banned. It is never acceptable. If you have an issue with an admin, deal with it via PM or PM another admin if you prefer, but never block an admin.
3. DO NOT ask for free diapers, trials, testers, donations, or anything else on the wall. There is risk involved with giving/donating anything to someone you do not know, and this is not a cloth donation site.
4. When Admins learn of a member PM'ing others with potentially dangerous advice, or disparaging our group, the offending member will be banned. If you do not agree with the philosophies of the group, you are welcome to leave. There is a plethora of other groups with philosophies different than ours for you to choose from.
5. We've made some awesome pictorials that are available to be shared elsewhere, and we'd love you to use them! Everything is found in the group Photo Album. Please respect our time and effort and share our OWN pictorials within this group where they are relevant and available instead of sharing those made by other groups/sources.
6. NO BUY/SELL/TRADING on the main wall.
7. SCREEN SHOTS from other groups, etc., should be kept to the Chat page due to the drama they can incite. All should have personal information blacked out. Please keep in mind that members here are also members elsewhere, and you never know who may be where.
8. DO NOT delete your post, unless we ask you too. Even if it brings on a reaction you did not expect or answers you wanted. Deleting post is grounds for removal. Spin off post are also grounds for removal.

We *try* to keep the drama to a minimum. Please avoid controversial off-topic discussion on the main wall, and be kind in the Chat. We are all here to HELP one another and spread the love of cloth. #SaveTheBabyButts!