This is a group for lover's of food, fine cuisine, ethnic specialties, fun and whimsy, home-cooking and delicacies. Bring your appetities, share recipes, photos, videos, clips from culinary shows, happenings, tastings, events, expos, trade shows, bake offs, cook offs, and any garnish you care to share.
★ As our group grows to all corners of the earth, and so many cultures and traditions are being shared, we askthat you INTRODUCE your recipes with some personal, family or cultural information about your creations, so those from other parts of the world can get a better "taste" of your offerings!
★ Chefs, Authors and Restaurant owners are asked not to post ads, unless they are with a FOOD photo [with description], and not more than once every other week. Also, we are hoping you will share Title, Recipes and tips per posting, and any history, personal experience and/or advice with us when you are able. And when possible, please advise, comment and share your knowledge with our non-professional food enthusiasts when they put out requests for assistance!
★ Also, since the group is global, all backgrounds, etc, we avoid shellfish and pork recipes, so the postings will be most universallly usable by everyone [including kosher, hallal, etc.] If you have an awesome recipe that you make w/ pork/bacon, then please list any non-pig alternative for those who don't use pig products. And if you can substitute scaled fish for shellfish. Also, for lactose intolerant, when milk substitutes are an option [and which YOU recommend], especially in beef, poultry, fish recipes. THANKS in advance!!!! Look forward to your beatuiful photos!