Here is what’s on offer for Foods for Fibromyalgia Facebook group members:

• Postings and discussions about how to use the healing and medicinal powers of food and nutrition to help with fibromyalgia symptoms

• Food and nutrition information for people with fibromyalgia is based on cutting-edge health sources and all-natural foods & remedies

• Articles and links to the latest nutritional research, tips, tools, & resources that specifically addresses fibromyalgia will be posted regularly.

• Recipes, tools, and culinary techniques will be discussed and shared -- be prepared to have some conventional ideas about nutrition blown away.

• We will be having lively and thought-provoking discussions on traditional versus holistic and naturopathic methods of dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms and ways to support you in fully healing from it.

• Food, herbs, and holistic nutrition that integrate and compliments prescription medications will be highlighted.

• Special attention will be paid to key symptoms such as widespread pain, brain-fog, insomnia & exhaustion, weight-gain, diminished libido or sex-drive, and the foods that will help you to alleviate them.

• An invitation to receive the latest health and holistic healing information, tips, and diet and nutrition resources related to fibromyalgia plus get your free gifts when you register for the weekly newsletter on my website located here:

• The website provides resources, products, and services available for you to help you on your healing journey. The website also houses a comprehensive resource directory of tools and services to support you in winning the battle against fibromyalgia.


A gentle reminder that this page is about FOODS FOR FIBROMYALGIA and not DRUGS for fibromyalgia. So for those people who want to know what medications to take -- the answer is FOODS! All comments that promote drugs will be deleted and if these comments offend you feel free to leave the group and find another one more to your liking that promotes drugs.

We have a great bunch of people here that successfully apply FOODS and NUTRITION to help them reduce / eliminate symptoms and to heal the ROOT CAUSES of their symptoms not mask them with another drug on top of another drug, and this page is for those people who are dedicated to their health using food as medicine. Thank you!

If you are added to this group and are selling something, you will be removed! We have a very strict policy against selling products on this site and our members do not appreciate being 'hit-up' constantly.

Deirdre Rawlings is the author of 6 books:

1. Foods that Help Win the Battle against Fibromyalgia.
2. Insider Secrets on Treating Fibromyalgia: 10 Top Experts
3. Beat Sugar Addiction Now Cookbook! with Jacob Teitelbaum, MD.
4. Complete Idiot's Guide to DASH Diet Cooking
5. Fermented Foods For Health (June, 2013)
6. 14-Day Sugar Cure Plan, (March, 2013)

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