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Welcome Addicts!
Football Addict is a platform for all football fans where you
can share your views,insight, opinion & passion...

We all love Football & know it mean a lot to us so no need to remind that we are here football but even footballers don't talk or think football all the day long & have fun even in training ground.Keeping that in mind, healthy off topic discussions are exempted to an optimum level.

Rules and Regulations :-

1. The Group is Global. So ENGLISH is the Primary Language.

2. Do not Spam.

3.Do not post any link of other pages and non-relating football post..

4. If any one found posting unnecessary advertisement , then the post owner will serve a ban for 2 days..

5.Digging post is not allowed.. If someone does it for a banter then its ok , if he does it for abusing or for creating chaos then the digger will serve ban for 1 weeks.

6.Healthy discussions are expected here but we all know rivalries unleash our passion so clashes are unavoidable.
Just keep it healthy,sarcastic & controlled by avoiding abusive language.

7.Any kind of RACISM won't be tolerated!!!

8.If anyone found abusing other members with FAMILIAL abusive language.. Then the admin first warn him and if he continues then he should be banned..

9. There will be a MATCH THREAD post for the matches.In the match thread post u can share scoreline Predictions , team news and live score updates.

10..Most importantly, this group is created by admins but will be made successful by you members.

So members here enjoy highest priority
Admins are just meant to ensure its smooth working & handle disputes.. ADMINS are equal to all members..

Thats all ...... Mind it

Enjoy Addicts! ;D
admins-----> adib,sandy themagic,dipta messinheart,ashish singh,param mufc khurana,sanchit bhatnagar , malay arora, muhhamad hidayat, sandeep langote & biswa lahon....