For Rent - Knoxville and E TN

If you are planning to advertise to the demographic via this gro...up, please ask for and receive permission from an admin first, or it will be deleted.

If looking, please start post with ISO
If renting, please start post with For Rent
Always use truth in advertising (and avoid being vague please).

This is a place for those with rental properties to post the size, square footage, rent amount, etc and for renters to post ISO or browse rental properties. Whether it is a room, an apartment, a duplex, a trailer, a house, is the 'hookup' place for those seeking to rent and those seeking renters.

This is a group for resources and requests. This is NOT a group for hard sales tactics, and it certainly is NOT a group for anything resembling threats or bullying (even if such is a sales tactic).

If you are interested in selling or buying a home in the local area, please feel free to visit our sister group: See More