Foreigners in Antalya

This group is strictly for "Foreigners/Expats" in Antalya. You have to be a Foreigner/Expat in Antalya to join. Of course there will be rare exceptions to like close relatives etc. But natives usually wont be accepted as members in this group.

If you are refused to join the group but you believe you should be accepted, you can PM the admins and explain your situation.


- This group is a social group, and not a group to discuss politics or religion. No matter what side it may be on, please refrain from posting it here. You can post unsided/transparent news about Turkey however this is not the group to discuss politics and comment on political news.

- We are not just another Turkish group. We are a group of Foreigners/Expats in Antalya, meaning there could be people supporting or against any country/government/culture/religion. Be understanding and respectful.

- This is not a group where you can just post a free ad of a business. If you want to post about a business, please pm the admins first and get an approval. Without approval your ad will be taken down.

- Social group doesnt mean It`s a dating group. If you`re looking for the love of your life or b**ty call, go to dating sites or those kinda groups. We wont tolerate this here.

- You can organize events and invite the members of the group. However if the event is rejected for any reason by admins you have to remove it.

- This is a privately owned FB group. Therefore we reserve the right to turn away anyone who we dont see fit for the group.

- If we get complaints about you`ll be banned.