Forex Traders Way

Hi Traders, I am Shayan khan the creator of FTW(Forex Traders Way).
I have created this group to help each others without any greediness. So don't post any kind of advertisements here.
I welcome to all newbies and also analysts of Forex/Commodities here.
The expert traders are allowed to post there traders and also they can post there account history but it is necessary that the given trades history must post it’s trades in group before.
Don't give your account for managing to anyone, Learn and earn yourself. If you give your account for managing to anyone(even admins of this group) you will responsible in case of either profit or loss. So also don't post anything related this issue on group wall.
Please don't insult to any other person, me and group admins observe group members activities who such don't follow the rules and conditions of our group, we will kick out him /her permanently. Respect the rules and get the success.
Our main purpose is sharing ideas and analysis about Forex and also help to each others. So I think if someone is not active or spam in our group, We will kick him/her out.
Members can post about E-Cahs (Liberty Reserve, Money Bookers) as per their requirement. But buy and sell at your own risk, we will not responsible in case of any cheat and fraud ( only for help to each others).
Take Profit = TP
Stop Loss = SL
Break Even= BE
Trade will be considered best with only 1TP.
Who wants to post trade with 2TPs, he/she should also update his/her trades as per market situation.
Don't post trades with TP3, TP4 and TPXXXXXXXXXXX...... not allowed.....
Trade without Sl is strictly not allowed to post.

Hope you will learn with us.