Fort Wayne Holistic Living

Welcome to the website of the Fort Wayne, IN Holistic Living! We are a diverse group of people from throughout Allen County and the surrounding counties. We welcome all with an interest in natural health and mindful living. Our goal is to develop a thriving local community with holistic ideas with a wide range of interests.

More and more people are aware of the benefits of
holistic health and green living - questioning conventional wisdom in the areas of birthing, child-rearing, healthcare, nutrition and wellness, education, personal
relationships, and our society's views about the natural world. We want to bring people together to share advice and information in a nurturing, open-minded and respectful environment where they don't feel judged. You can share your holistic passions with others and be part of a grow ing movement of healthy and eco-conscious people.

Although each person has their own areas of interest, some of the principles behind holistic living include:
* Eating minimally processed foods and exercising to maintain health;
* Using natural and non-invasive healing modalities that stimulate the body to heal itself;
* Understanding the connections between mind, body and spirit;
* Understanding the interconnections between life events and between all living things;
* Striving to live in balance w ith nature and minimizing our impact on the planet;
* Understanding that our actions and choices have
consequences for our families and our planet;
* Using connection and attachment parenting techniques (through babywearing, breastfeeding, non-violent communication and positive discipline) to raise
self-confident and emotionally stable children;
* Taking responsibility for our actions and making informed choices in all areas of life.