Fort Worth Gun Trader

Similar to the other gun trader groups, but with the initiative to help narrow the area down to the Fort Worth and surrounding areas.
Open to all gun Traders sellers and buyers that follow current laws. What you post sell and trade should be gun related or items to barter towards firearms. Feel free to click and ad yourself to this growing group of Gun enthusiast:
We are not your parents counselor or referee. If you are being, foul ,rude, racist, sexest, or just a plain out hateful, you have the possibility of being banned from this page.
If you are from Dallas, or surrounding areas, please try to remember to specify. It helps no matter where your from when in this group. If you are in the Fort Worth and surrounding areas please specify area. Example: Aledo, Burleson, NRH, southside, North Arlington etc...
On your post it would also help to put a price and phone number but not nescessary at the moment.