For the Love of LulaRoe Permanent Boutique

Welcome to For the Love of LulaRoe Permanent Boutique. This is a... permanent multi popup party group where my focus is convenience for both consultants and customers. I try to have longer popups so that everyone has an opportunity to browse and shop and you'll get more of a connection with each consultant! Look for the calendar at the bottom to see which days we have scheduled.

What is LuLaRoe? It is affordable, comfortable fashionable clothing. Sizes range from XXS to 2XL. There is something for everyone!

My name is Sara Glide, I'm a mother of (soon to be) three! I want to help connect you with the Lula items you love. I've been a Lula Lover for a while now. I'm always happy to answer any questions and I'm proud to be your Hostess!

Next Popup:

May 6th, 8pm EST Consultant: Catherine M
These are the items we will see: Nicole, Julia, Azure, Madison, Cassie, Classic, Monroe, Irma, Randy, One Size - Tall & Curvy - & Children's Leggings.

Upcoming Popups
May 6th, 8pm EST Consultant: Catherine M
May 8th, 7pm EST Consultant: Brandi C
May 10th, 7:30pm EST Consultant: Kimber R
May 12th, 8pm EST Consultant: Cari S M
May 13th, 7pm EST Consultant: Kendra S
May 14th, 8pm EST Consultant: Kali K
May 16th, 9pm EST Consultant: Rebecca S
May 19th, 7pm EST Consultant: Heather J
May 21st, 6pm EST Consultant: Tracy D R
May 23rd, 7pm EST Consultant: Desiree K
May 25th, 7pm EST Consultant Ashlyn M
May 27th, 8pm EST Consultant Andrea C
May 29th, 8pm EST Consultant Deshea A
May 31st, 3pm EST Consultant Teeney M
June 1st, 6pm EST Consultant: Gina M
June 3rd, 5pm EST Consultant: Katie L
June 5th, 7pm EST Consultant: Christa B
June 7th (Open Date, PM me for details)
June 9th, 7pm EST Consultant: Breea S
June 11th, 6pm EST Consultant: Kimber L
June 13th, 8:30pm EST Consultant: Moe A
June 15th, 8pm EST Consultant: Shonae R
June 17th (Open Date, PM me to schedule)
June 22nd, 7pm EST Consultant: Esther L
June 24th, 1pm EST Consultant: Breeze P
June 27th, 8pm EST Consultant: Amy N
June 29th, 7pm EST Consultant: Ariel P

This group holds contests and giveaways periodically: Please look for these posts to participate and follow instructions!