Foundlings - Babies Without a Name!

"Foundlings": Deserted or abandoned children of unknown parentage. - support and advice

I am a foundling, I was abandoned and left on a door step within a few hours of my birth. When I was found, my cord had not been cut or tied properly and was bleeding, I was wrapped in a pillow case and had mild hypothermia. I was lucky, I was found in time.

Over many years many babies have not been lucky, they have died due to exposure or straved to death as they have been placed in areas where they were not found. This is not something that happened years ago, as it is still happens today, as recent as a few weeks ago. A baby was placed in a gym bag outside a gym, the public walked by thinking it was a kit left by someone. Five hours after the bag was left, someone looked in it, the baby was dead.

In the US there are certain states that have passed a law and put it into place so if a mother does not wish to keep her baby, she can take it to a safe place and with no questions asked and leave the baby there. If she so wishes she can also receive medical help. In the UK we do not have anything remotely like that set up in order to help mothers who for some reason cannot look after there baby. They might not want anyone to know they were ever pregnant or whatever reason a mother has for giving up her baby outwith normal channels.

This group has been set up in order increase awareness of foundlings, their plight for life and discussion on what we can do to help.

If you are a mother who is thinking of abandoning her baby or a foundling yourself, you can always contact me and I will try to help if I possibly can.