Frack Free Ohio

Frack Free Ohio’s mission is to educate Ohio residents on the ultrahazardous, unconventional mineral extraction known as hydraulic fracturing and empower them to take action in their own communities to stop this destructive practice. We also believe that renewable and sustainable energy production is not only viable but the next sensible step for our society to take. The devastating and negative impact on communities from fossil fuel extraction and use must come to an end. The adoption of solar and wind generation in combination with energy efficiency and conservation are a necessity for finding balance in social and environmental justice. We will embrace this process to ensure this happens: Education, Legislation and Non-Violent Direct Action. Frack Free Ohio is an all-volunteer, non-funded group of dedicated humans who believe in true equality in environmental balance and that reliance in each other is the key, not dependency on corrupt government or polluting corporations. Each of our members is encouraged to take action in their own communities and support the larger movement as a whole.