I went to Fred Lynn Middle School from 1989 to 1991

This group is mainly for all who went to FLMS for 6th (1988/1989...) 7th (1989/1990) or 8th (1990/1991) grade school years but open to all who went around this same time.

Its for those who remember that huge mirror at the end of the main hallway & Mr. Stephens speech that went with it.

Its for those who remember Mr. Griffin, Mr. Bedford & or any other teacher who had an impact on you. (Like Mrs. Herman the coolest art teacher ever.)

Its for those who remember 1989 was the year they built Lake Ridge Middle School and half of your 6th grade friends left us hoodrats in Hoodbridge.

Its for those who remember 1991 was the year they changed to school boundaries & half of your friends went to either Gar-Field or Woodbridge.

Its for all you studious kids in the 1st 6th grade hallway & all you cool kids in 2nd 6th grade hallway.

Its for those of you who want to find your square dancing partner or your date to the 8th grade dance.

And for those of you who never forgot the friendships that were built in the halls & classrooms of Fred Lynn Middle School!

Always remember “FLM is gonna rock it to you!”

And please pass it on to your friends. Thanks!