Free Ultraviolet Codes! And iTunes!

A place to post free codes. You can post the code, or, if you like, do it with a game.

************10-06-14 Rule update*************

first, another rule. 1 Since we have so many members now, we are going to go to a one win, per member a day rule. If you win, you're done for the day, unless someone just has a bunch of codes to giveaway one night and say's it's okay to win twice, or something like that.
2. Im still working out the kinks with other members regarding "pay it forward", so for the time being, only play if you need the code being given away. Unless, like when I post a poll, I give the option to the winner to take a 5 dollar credit instead. More on this in the coming days.
3. No more drama on the page. Send your complaints/problems to one of the admins, if we are not available, it's fine. We will get to your message. No more post on the page other than givaway, trivia, question, etc. Edit and of course humorous stuff
4. as this page grows(has grown) we need more admins, so we will be adding at least 2. more on this later.
Reminder, if you give a code away, post said code 10 minutes after the giveaway to keep people from trading/selling. Unless you talk to the winner and they have a legit excuse that is.
*We also have a few people here that can help with with other stuff, just ask.
We also don't mind discussion about movies, tv, video games, whatever. We have a good group here, so let's keep it civil.*

All members are encouraged to post at least once.
I don't know much about the iTunes side of things, but those codes are welcome also.
There are plenty of trading pages, so if you are looking to trade, check them out.
I'm a member of many UV pages, so if you get banned for scamming on any of those pages, expect the same result here.

This is a free code page, so we expect the winner of the code to redeem it. and not post it to another page. There will be a 10 minute window(unless you talk to us) to redeem the code you won. If it's not redeemed in 10 minutes, it will be posted publicly. Thanks for your time.

No answer that has been edited will be accepted in trivia post.

Also, this is a free UV/iTunes/DMA/etc page. And by that I mean people, for the fun of it, will post free codes with trivia, or whatever. There is no rule on begging for a code, but don't be surprised if you take some flak for it. Pay it forward.