The freshwater aquarium club is a place where everyone can post:
pictures of their own aquariums, fish, plants, inverts etc.;
ask questions;
share helpful information or interesting facts about the hobby ;
share problems or concerns related to the freshwater aquarium...

If anyone have aquarium related items for sale or trade you are welcome to post here! (((Except high volume businesses))) please make sure to include picture ,location and shipping options on the post !

Few Rules:
No posts unrelated to the freshwater aquarium (including salt water)

No offensive comments, cursing or name calling

Pictures that repeat or have very bad visual quality may be removed (no hard feelings)

No YouTube or other FB group sharings on the wall (only in comments thread of a post)

No sharing of random aquarium pictures from the Internet on the wall (only in comments thread of a post)

If anyone brake the rules repeatedly will be warned then removed!

If anyone have a problem , concern, suggestion please contact admin Gergana Hatton or Jopher Bernal!

Thank you all and enjoy!