Friends and Lovers of Russia


The fundamental aim of the group is to celebrate the rich history and diverse culture of the Russian people (both past and present). This includes the Russian Empire (Tsarist Russia), Soviet Russia and the Russian Federation.

In more detail, the aims of the group are

● To defend the Sovereignty of the Russian Federation

● To support the authority of the Russian Federation under the leadership of President Vladimir Putin

● To encourage friendship and understanding between Friends of Russia and the Russian people

● To celebrate Russian culture (music, art, literature, film, cuisine, architecture, Orthodoxy and geographic diversity)

● To celebrate the Russian people past & present; historical figures, heroes and, most importantly, the common man & woman

● To promote an understanding of the historic, economic, engineering, scientific and technological achievements of Russia

● To support Russia's record in working towards a multi-polar world

● To defend the legitimacy of Crimea as part of Russia

● To defend the people of the Donbass and support the Independence of Novorossiya



● Please conduct yourself in a manner that is respectful to yourself and others

● Russia-bashing will not be tolerated

● We welcome critical discussions and understand they can get heated at times; however, rude and hostile attacks on other members is not allowed

● Attacks on the Orthodox Church and religious, racial and ethnic hate-mongering will not be tolerated

● Russia has a rich historic and political heritage and comments directed towards the leaders of Russia (past and present) must be respectful at all times

● Western-centrism and chauvinistic arrogance will not be tolerated

● Self-promotion, commercial links and pornography (including nudity) is strictly prohibited



● Please contribute videos, photographs, art, cartoons, media-links & topics for discussion; these topics should be directly related to Russia

● Some items that are not directly related to Russia will be considered if they are of special interest

● Please ask your friends to join! Everyone is welcome!

● All articles should include a brief explanatory ‘header’ in English. Otherwise, they will receive little or no attention