Love The World!

Formerly known as "FRIEND THE WORLD, FOR WE ARE ONE heart emoticon"

This group is for those who have awakened to their true nature of pure loving spirit. We would like everybody to keep this in mind while posting. We understand there will be huge amounts of diversity and different beliefs, but this is the reason why this group and it's participants are so beautiful. We will rival the library of Alexandria for the cultural diversity we demonstrate and for this reason the name of the group and its members may change but it's history will remain. There are many paths to the truth and we are all walking each other home, all have the same destination but different journeys. We advocate unity and respect towards each other always, we only hope to allow our love to grow and expand beyond the heights of human imagination. Please feel free to join us, we don't have rules but we do have some guide lines. Respect, Love, Light, Unity.. No inappropriate statements towards anthers beliefs whether they are religious or sexuality. Posting porn will not be accepted, one warning will be issued and then the door shall be shown. We want to share our education, our stories and our love for each other and mother earth. We all have the atoms of Jesus, Gandhi, Shakespeare, Buddha and we have some very old souls in here. All will be respected and embraced we just ask the same courtesy is repaid. Together we will change the world and humanities destiny. One human family, one love heart emoticon

Be the hero of your own story.
Be the light in your own life.
Share and express your love for humanity.