Frisco/Plano/The Colony online garage sale

Welcome!! Please read and become familiar with the rules before posting. Failure to follow the rules can result in your posting being removed without notice. Happy selling and buying :)

1. First person to comment and show interest gets first dibs. Buyers must comment on the post for it to count. NO SKIPPING! YOU MUST GO IN ORDER!

2. Seller must give a 6 hour time frame for a response, if you need it gone quickly your POST must state that it needs to be picked up asap.

3. PU location, picture, condition, dimensions, price MUST be included in the POST - If item is cross posted it must state that in the post! We are not a bidding group so no trying to out bid someone! Also there is no "make offer" posts.

4. Only 1 photo per post (you can make collages so you can get more than 10 items listed)

5. All members are limited to 10 posts at all times. Albums are no longer allowed.

6. No RUDENESS ALLOWED!!! Treat everyone with kindness.

7. No job postings of any sort (this means no mary kay, avon, plexus or anything of that nature) You are allowed to post your home-made items, just make sure to not post your business site. This does NOT include homemade food items. For example: tamales, baked goods, or fruit arrangements. -also posts for houses for sale or rent aren't allowed-

8. No commenting on another person's post with an item you have for sale, and no commenting about prices (we can not control what the seller prices) As a buyer, make sure to do research before purchasing.

9. No shows will be banned (make sure to keep in communication with the seller)

10. You can ONLY BUMP every 24 hours!

11. We do not allow asking for donations/charities.

12. if you are selling on the group you must be willing to meet in of the areas listed unless agreed to something else!!

13. please no selling weapons. We have a pretty big group of kids and we would hate for something to end up in the wrong hands.

14. We allow animals being re homed. They must have a re homing fee of $100.00 or less.. No BREEDERS!!! Please be careful when choosing a new home/owner for your animals. Must be local!!

15. If you buy an item off the group or any group for that matter you can't up the price!! Also goes for buying from stores, you can't buy items from retailers and then sell them on the group for more than the retail amount! That goes for black Friday as well!! (Goes for stock piles as well)

16. Only post an item once. DO NOT re post the same time item. That's when the bump comes in hand.

17. DELETE ALL POSTS AFTER ITEM IS SOLD!!!! EVEN THE ISO POSTS. If you found what you are looking for delete the post. If you don't know how to tag one of the admins and we will delete it for you!!!!

If rules are broken you will be removed and banned from the group. So please follow them!!! :)

If you have questions please contact Ashley Paige Leah Stites Shaela Meinen Lacey Kay Cundiff Monica Nichole or Nancy Bunting Heroman