From the diaries of great cooks!

First things first! :)

No matter what you cook, you are the :) Reason being, when we cook, we put all our focus and love on that one recipe which our families can savour and feel happy about it. :) That's why I have named the group as ' From the diaries of great cooks ' ! :)

This group is for all the people who love cooking rather who love experimenting with ingredients and way of cooking. Join it if you are amongst them!

Secondly, this group is for the people who are curious about various Global cuisines as well.

It is a one stop platform for all the information and knowledge around Global cuisines, ingredients, recipes, well known global chefs, country specific staple food, spices, sauces etc. We all will learn, share and discuss. If you come across some specialties of a specific cuisine, do share in the group so that we all can learn!

Thirdly, this group is for all the foodies who love to eat food and discuss about it's flavors and aroma. :D


( All my self cooked recipes are here. You may want to share yours too.)


(You may connect with me here for any marketing related discussions.)

Group Rules:

1. Please don't spam the group. It's yours. Just share the knowledge and spread your culinary skills. :)

2. No promotions allowed.

3. FoodBloggers are allowed to post the links to their blogs but in the comment section and that too after posting food pictures with a brief write up.

4. Be respectful and courteous while discussing with other members.

That's it! :)

Bon Appetit!