Furious PC Gaming Group

Furious PC Gaming is a group for Game talk, Gameplay live streaming linking, sharing videos, Youtube Gaming Channels. Discussions. game releases. tips, techniques...

(Feel free to invite as many friends as you like to the group)

Group Rules:
If you are asking for help. please use the Hardware and support group listed down below.

1. If someone is asking for help tell them to use the Hardware and support group.

2. We have a strong policy against people asking for pirated products, report the post or tag an admin in it. Don't answer it or risk being also banned.

3. if you see spambot posts tag an admin and report the post.

4. MEMES are allowed just as long they are not over rolling the forum and being used as an ATTACK!

7. Don't share other groups you need an approval by an admin. Ask Wipspeed Olsen or Al Shuryan for permission.

8. Refrain from swearing or starting unnecessary fights. Dont post Un necessary comparison things such as Intel Or Amd just to start arguments

9. We do not tolerate bad behavior. and don't use the three words
(It's the Internet) for an excuse for your behavior"

10. If you have a link for a cheap game key website/sales ad,
please post a trustpilot.com link about the site in the same post. Referral links are not allowed.

Simple rules really, please use common sense and don't act like a child.
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Furious PC Gaming Group
Furious PC Gaming: Hardware and Support Group
Furious PC Gaming. Steam Group

Steam Tags: *FPCG|
Battlelog. FPCG Platoon
If you wanna to talk about Hardware or Game with us feel free to join our teamspeak server!
*FPCG| Furious PC Gaming Teamspeak 3 server
Address: ts23.gameservers.com:9296

If you don't have Teamspeak 3 here's a Download link
Furious PC Gaming Rigs was founded back in 2011. by Wipspeed Olsen also known as "DJwipspeed" on Youtube