Pets and Pet Related Fort Riley/Junction City/Manhattan & Surrounding Areas


Connecting those ISO pets, pet services, or pet related items with those who have or can provide them.


1. Pet flipping of any kind will not be tolerated. All allegations need to be addressed directly with an admin. Admins will investigate. If allegations are proven to be legitimate, flipper will be banned immediately.

2. Posts must state ALL information on the animal including (but not limited to) shots, breed, age, fixed, personality, photo, etc.

3. No drama, profanity, bashing or negativity of any kind. Violator will be banned immediately!

4. No selling of animals (mammals) under 8 weeks (no exceptions). The post must date the DOB and the date the animal will go to their new home (has to be after 8 weeks). If we are made aware that the animal was sold before the 8 week mark, violator will be banned immediately.

5. Only pet related items can be advertised. All other advertisements will be deleted and the person shall be banned.

6. No PSAs please, they cause drama.

7. Rehoming an animal and then looking for another less than a year later is forbidden in this group. If you needed to rehome the animal then you should have a break from having another one; regardless if it is due to monetary reasons, not a good fit for your family or banned from the city you reside in.

8. DO NOT ask for a free animal or free food, toys, bedding, etc for an animal. If you cannot afford to maintain or buy an animal, you should not have one.

*****Do NOT block the admins. If you have them blocked you will be banned immediately*****


Know the specifics of the breed you are searching for and the regulations regarding that breed in your community. E.G.; Fort Riley has definite breed restrictions. Puppies and kittens grow; what you start with will not be what you end up vigilant and research.


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