Futura Embroidery

All are welcome here. It doesn't matter which machine you have. MEMBERS must have a way for me to contact them. I don't allow any members to block me or the admins. If you have your messages blocked so we can't friend or contact you your request will be denied. To contact me, my e-mail is [email protected] thanks. When we approve membership we send a welcome message to you, it might show up in your "Other" messages so please look there.
New group policy no private (non-authorized) selling within the group any machines or other things as it could make it uncomfortable for members if deals aren't smooth. I'm doing this to protect members. link tp group rules. https://www.facebook.com/groups/FuturaEmbroidery/618508221532294/ "WE ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE "FuturaEmbroidery YAHOO GROUP! or the FututraEmbroidery FB group those are SINGER TEXAS! aka 5starcrafts they are not an authorized singer dealer and singer will not cover any singer items sold by them." PLEASE DON'T CONFUSE US WITH THEM. This is a group to exchange pics, thoughts, and to get help from each other. We are doing Holiday swaps here and we have a yahoo group. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AllThingsFuturaSingerEmbroidery

In our group we have members who make and share designs, and docs of manuals, and other help .pdf files. We also have a list of embroidery web pages where many of them give free designs. Please feel free to take a look! I will also try to up-load fun projects from day to day in .pdf format.