Dade County, GA and Bryant, AL Baby and Toddler Yard Sale/Trade

This page is strictly for baby items. Feel free to post for clothes, toys, pictures, cakes, etc. When posting multiple items to sell, make sure you put them in a folder. Also, after your item/items have sold, make sure you delete the ad. When posting items, make sure they have not been recalled and if they have been, make sure you have the recall kits up to date. Keep in mind that it is illegal for anyone to sell a drop side crib regardless of whether it is online or at a yard sale. You can Google 'drop side crib illegal' for more info. Bumbo seats without the straps have been recalled. You can also Google this and there is info how to get them to send you a free recall kit. Third, 'nap nannies' have been recalled numerous times and now the company is out of business and being sued for the deaths of several babies, so they are not allowed to be sold on here. When posting formula, juices etc, make sure they have not expired and are not open and be sure to post the expiration date. Lastly, some Baby Einstein Jumperoos have been recalled. You can also Google this and see what to do but it is for only certain models.... If you ever want to check out baby recalls check out DON'T FORGET TO RESPECT EACH OTHER. IF NOT, YOU WILL BE REMOVED IMMEDIATELY. NO WARNINGS.