NO NONSENSE RESTRICTION FOR A FREE WEB SITE! So why don't you come and JOIN us and you are: FREE to POST and SELL your Garage Sale items and ADVERTISE your BUSINESS ! Here are some RULES, please FOLLOW them:
✿ The 1st PERSON to say SOLD (a starting offer) on a item has the right in buying the item , but the SELLER has the right either accept or reject the price for a better deal (price /pick up) . The Seller does not have to wait 24 hours for someone to comeback with an answer. If you want to BUY, you have to act fast or you loose the deal.
✿ Freebies are welcome here too, you do not have to offer just to have it!
✿ Kittens and Puppies must be 8 WEEKS OLD and micro chipped before being sold or given away.
✿ You can create your own album for listings
✿Any posting without, picture, description, price and pick up,will be DELETED without warning!
✿ DO NOT Add the same item to the wall. You need to find your original image and maintain it.
✿ Once the items are sold , please update your ADD accordingly by REMOVING it from this page or stating clearly THE ITEMS ARE SOLD
✿ No "SOLD PENDING PARTNER" or ANYBODY ELSE" is ACCEPTED, entering SOLD you want or agree to BUY, the seller does not have to WAIT for you to consult your partner, there are people who wants to buy straightaway.
✿ Admin have no Control on your PRIVATE MASSAGES , if you have unwanted PM's....please BLOCK THE SENDER.
✿ Admin have no control over the SALES and take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any problems which may arise through any sales on this page
✿Admin does NOT PM OR INBOX any member of this group!
✿Do not expect the Admin to be your ADVISER on this page: Admins are not responsible for people that does not know how to do business, always CHECK THE PRODUCT before you buy, and most of all, PAY on DELIVERY or PICK UP.
✿No negative or abusive comments will be tolerated, persons displaying such comments will be banned.
✿If do not Say the name of the person that BRIDGES THE RULES of this group, don't even bother to post a COMPLAINT on this site, because it will be deleted immediately.
✿If ATTACHMENT UNAVAILABLE, post will be removed and you will be banned from this group if you continue to post with no PICTURE and no DETAILS.
✿Any post that is turning into A CHAT it will be DELETED without warning...if you looking for a chat, please try to find an other group
✿Yes GOOGLE IMAGES are acceptable, as not everyone has a camera to take pictures of the items that they want to sell, BUT IS preferable an ACTUAL IMAGE, so the buyers know what they are buying.
✿You can SEARCH a particular post by using the magnifying glass symbol on the top right hand of the page.
✿If you Joined Facebook less than 5 days ago , don't even bother to join this group, because your request not only will be denied but you will be banned for good! Why ?? ...because most of these people are spam and this is the only way I can control this.
Thanks •. •.Enjoy! •. ✿- * •