Grief Beyond Belief Closed Group

Grief Beyond Belief is an online support network for those grieving the death of a loved one without belief in a higher power or any form of afterlife. Atheists, agnostics, humanists, skeptics, freethinkers and others without religious or spiritual beliefs are welcome. Religious or spiritual grief support -- including prayer, faith in god or heaven, and belief in consciousness after death -- is not permitted.
The Grief Beyond Belief Closed Group was founded at the request of GBB page members as way to connect with other members without posts or comments being visible to FB friends who are not members. It is a more direct way to interact with other grieving nonbelievers.

Participation & Conditions:
Please read this statement before requesting to join. Once a member, you are invited to post memories, thoughts, feelings or questions, and to comment with compassion on others' posts. But please recognize that everyone grieves differently. Your opinions may be sought, but this is not a space for debate. Please show respect and compassion for beliefs and experiences that are different from your own.
Religious and spiritual content are not permitted in this group. Encouraging or attempting to offer comfort through belief in god(s) or life after death (including heaven, hell, angels, reincarnation, and souls or spirits that survive beyond a person's lifespan) will result in a warning. Believers are not encouraged to join this group. If a member ignores these guidelines following a reminder, they will be removed.
If you are a former believer who is genuinely re-evaluating your beliefs, you may seek support with that process. While this site is meant for non-believers, it is a safe space for those letting go as well. But please respect the boundary between expressing your own thoughts and proselytizing to others.
Any post that a moderator interprets as harassment, abuse, bigotry or commercial spam may be removed without warning and the poster banned. Moderators reserve the right to immediately delete any post or comment that is deemed inappropriate.
PLEASE REPORT ANY EVANGELIZING OR RELIGIOUS CONTENT IN POSTS OR COMMENTS TO THE MODERATORS by emailing [email protected] or messaging the Grief Beyond Belief page.

This group provides peer-to-peer support, not professional grief counseling. If you are in need, please do seek counseling. For a referral to a secular professional, please visit the Secular Therapist Project at If you are having suicidal feelings, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
The opinions expressed in the GBB Closed Group are those of the individual posters and commenters and do not necessarily represent those of GBB or the Group Owner. GBB is not responsible for breaches in confidentiality.