Greenbrier County Online Yard Sale!

Based in and around Greenbrier County, WV. Please contact admins with problems or questions through private message. Due to past problems and the size of the group, rules have been set for all members to adhere to.

1) Please do not post any Banned Items or Listings:
-Out side links (this does not include links to groups)
-Car Seats are not allowed unless you post the expiration date for them. The date can be found on the bottom of the seat. If you are unsure of the date please DON'T post. These seats are a danger to your children if they are expired!
-NO Homemade foods or homegrown foods.
-No animal listings, whether it be free or not. The only exception to this rule is for the humane society.
-No business or 'vendor" listings, meaning avon, thirty-one, weight loss items, work from home. No advertising of any kind!!
-NO TICKET sales. Too many complaints on people not being fair and jacking up prices.
-No outside links

2 "Bumps" are limited on a 24 hr basis, MEANING once you post, you must wait a full 24 hrs to bump, then 24 hrs in between each bump. Making random comments on your post (not answering a question) are counted as bumps. All posts bumped early will be removed without warning.

3) Any post or album that is more than 7 days old without any activity from the poster will be removed.

4) NO REPOSTING. There is a magnifying glass in the right corner to search for your post if you cannot find it. If that doesn't work contact one of the administrators.

5) When posting list ALL INFO: price, location, sizes, model, etc. GIVE DETAILS and a photo if possible.

6) There is a 5 post/Album limit, if you wish to post more than this please create an album! Most of the cell users cannot do this so please be sure to keep track of your items.

7) Craft items will be allowed with the following rules
*No links to your fan pages or any other pages!
*Post them like they are normal items
*Yes you can have custom orders

8 ) First person to show interest in an item, should have first choice to buy. If you don't plan to "hold" an item, list it with your post.

9) If your post does not list whether it is on other sites or not it will not be approved. It's as simple as adding: Posted on other Sites / Not Posted on other sites

10) Tag when inquiring-Using the @ symbol immediately follow with name of party this brings up the members info click and it will tag letting the person know through personal notification that they are tagged.

ATTENTION: This group belongs to the admins to be used by the members. We can and will remove any one at any time necessary. Respect the group and the members in it! No drama, price police, or slander.

Check your "others" messages located in your message inbox most "non-friend" users go here kind of like a "junk" box in your personal email.
We are not responsible for anything!!! All sales are final unless the seller says otherwise.