Glen Cairn Residents

This group was created for people who reside in the Glen Cairn subdivision in Kanata, ON. It is required that you are a Glen Cairn resident. Exceptions may be made for people who work in the GC community or for those serving GC by providing services such as non profit or social services. Outside business solicitations or requests will not be approved and/or will be removed. The reason for Glen Cairn residents only is because there are several other Kanata Groups and we want to have a place just for our little area.

That is what this group was created for.


NO BLOCKING THE ADMINS! If you are found to have any one of the admins blocked you will be removed from this group without notification.

We are NOT unplugged! Because we are all neighbours, please be respectful of each other and remember the old adage "If you have nothing nice to say, please don't say anything". Bullying or abuse of any member, on or off this group will get you removed and banned without notice regardess of your resident status in Glen Cairn.

All members MUST be approved by an admin of the group to avoid "out of area" adding.