Gallup Hill School PTO

This group will share information about PTO events and happenings at Gallup Hill Elementary... in Ledyard, CT
Gallup Hill Elementary Facebook Guidelines

To support current outlets of communications by adding an additional source of communication for our GHS Families regarding current events and information associated with GHS.

The GHS PTO Facebook page is a completely optional resource for GHS families and staff to join to receive additional details, reminders, or fun tidbits regarding events that would affect our GHS families.

The GHS PTO Facebook Administrators are the PTO Boards Members or those assigned by board members and have the ability to post or delete information that will be seen by our parents. They also have the ability to add or delete members from this group.

Ideally, the information on the FB page would be directly related to GHS-Events, meetings, happenings, and other school information. Occasionally, community information that would benefit our GHS members will be allowed. Negative comments in general will not be tolerated and will be deleted. Posts will be carefully monitored by the GHS PTO admins and anything deemed inappropriate will be removed in order to maintain the sanctity of its purpose.

Approved members also have the opportunity to post comments or questions. We welcome and encourage this to continue to promote and foster our family-friendly environment that GHS is known for.

PTO Objectives
1. To play an active role in the school and helping to support and promote an enjoyable and enthusiastic learning environment.

2 To raise money for those things not covered by the school budget.

3.To organize and carry out enriching activities for the students.

4.To strive for open communication between parents, teachers, and administrators.

5.To plan fun extra-curricular activities that bond us as a community.

Thank You,