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GMO Skepti-Forum is an independent, volunteer-run project built for encouraging rational dialogue amongst the global community on issues surrounding genetic-modification in society. Our bottom-up community discourse aims to advance scientific reasoning and skepticism while challenging misinformation and public manipulation.

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The GMO Skepti-Forum community seeks to foster reasoned discussion of genetically-modified organisms and topics related to biotechnology in society. Our forums on various social networks are set up to answer questions, provide information, evaluate sources, and practice skepticism. Discussion should focus on facts, credible sources, and scientific literature. For a productive discussion, each person should adopt the principle of charity and help create an open atmosphere encouraging a mutual exchange of ideas. The forums are a collective puzzle solving activity rather than an arena of gladiators vying to defeat opponents. Some puzzle pieces might not fit so well, but flipping the table isn’t going to help anyone see the bigger picture.

GMO SF is a subgroup of Skepti-Forum ( which is a platform for engaging in critical discussion of public science issues. Our community applies scientific skepticism and reasoning to various scientific topics, especially to those subjects surrounded by confusion, misinformation, and misconception. Our volunteer project is based on the idea of collective puzzle-solving and a mutual exchange of ideas. We aim to find and evaluate information while also communicating science and skepticism to the general public. Skepti-Forum is our main hub which branches into specialised groups for specific topics. If you have a question, please feel free to ask in our main hub ( where our members can discuss the issue with you, and perhaps direct you to sources of information.