The Biggest Group Of Bike Race.

I decided, thanks to the approval of Sagar, to put the same rules of Bike Race Guys group.

The rules are the following:
1. No Racism
2. No Hatespeech
3. No Plagiarism ( it means copying someone else's work and saying it is yours)
4. Posts must be group focused (i.e no posts saying "race me GOBR!")
5. Keep on topic to Bike Race Pro/TFG/League
6. Be Polite
7. Don't use anyone's content without their permission
8. Don't spam posts by commenting your links and saying “race me guys”. Make posts with your link instead and clearly state the bike you will use.
9. Don't use content shared in or out of GodOfBikeRace against any member.
10. Don't promote any content published by you or a friend (i.e. Don't say “Guys like my new page!” or “Check my channel here: (link)”). Every post will be deleted!
Links of videos related to Bike Race are allowed, but reviewed by me (EXCEPT MODS)
11. Dont make ANY posts which might be only the slightest bit critical or controversial.
12. Posts like ''Is that you GOBR?''/''Is it real?'' are not allowed ANYMORE.
13. EVERYONE must follow these rules, NO people excluded.