Gentle Parents Cardiff - Chat Group!

Welcome to gentle parents!

We are a community group for parents in Cardiff and the surrounding areas.

The group was established in 2012 as a haven for like-minded parents to talk and learn and share about topics which are important to us, safe in the knowledge that, unlike in more mainstream parenting groups, no one here would suggest anything that goes against our core beliefs (such as sleep training/ CC).

Gentle parenting is an attitude not a set of practices. Gentle parents (like all parents) love their children, but gentle parenting goes further. It comes from a place of deep and true respect for the unique journey of each child. Gentle parents are self reflective and actively seeking to learn and grow. We want to be the best role model we can be. We trust our children to show us what they need and do not believe that children are by nature manipulative beings who need to be tamed and socialised. Gentle does not mean meek. Gentle parents provide strong and loving role models for their children as they know this is all that children need to grow up safely, and with a strong sense of community and respect for others.

In this chat group, and at our meetings, you will often hear people sharing wisdom and asking advice on a wide range of topics including co-sleeping, natural term weaning, babywearing.

Gentle parenting also encompasses a desire to care for the environment that our children will inherit so this is also a place to chat about reusable nappies, sanitary products and green cleaning etc

This is our “truth” – if it resonates with your own beliefs come and join our tribe!

N.B We are babywearers and buggy drivers, breastfeeders and bottle feeders, baby-led weaners and puree spoon feeders, cosleepers and cot users, cloth nappy washers and disposable nappy binners. To us, gentle parenting is an attitude not a ‘uniform’.

Our meetings are currently changing from big centralised meets to smaller local groups of parents lead by group volunteers. Details of dates, times and venues will be posted on our main page and the chat group page so keep an eye out for meetings in your area. Anyone can attend any group meeting that is located conveniently for them but by attending your closest meet you will be able to make friends with other parents in your local community.

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