GRBC Students (The Breakfast Club)

Tonight is Wednesday night at GRBC! You know what that means...JESUS TIME! We're doing Wednesday nights a little different then usual tonight. So I'll see you all at 6:15! Some announcements:
1. If you're going to DefyGravity next Saturday, you MUST SIGN UP OR TELL ME YOU ARE GOING. We are buying 20 tickets, thus that reason of having to know. Try to find out between now and Sunday morning who all is going to go. Thank ya smile emoticon 2. Kim so brilliantly created an event for VBS on her FB. If you didn't know, VBS is July 8-12. There is a youth class this year. So if you will have a class like the kids do! 3. Waffle Night is Sunday June 28. We will be in Fellowship Hall. After youth, we're having a youth/parent meeting previewing July's events. It won't take but 10 minutes to pass out the new July newsletters and go over them. 4. Oh yeah, and the new church website is complete. Once I know when I can post a link to it, I will. The youth do have a separate section of the site, in which we can showcase different aspects about our group. Meaning, you draw? We'll feature it. Write something you're proud of? Yup. You guessed it. We'll be proud of it and plaster it on our youth page. It will also have a place for you to submit events you have going on so I can come watch. Regardless if its just a spelling bee, concert, sporting event, or maybe you're getting an award, I will be there! 5. Finally, NEVER FORGET, Jesus loves you!