The German Shepherd Dog is one of the most loyal companions you can have. How ever they are not without health issues and this page is for you to seek advice or add your
own dogs problems.

This page has been created in the memory of my first German Shepherd Kimba of Ivygrove, who was by Justin of Amulree . From whom I caught the bug from. I have never been a year without a GSD in my life since Kim she came into our lives when I was around 10 some 45 yrs ago now.

Kim always used to lick her front paws raw, and then she had cancer of the mammary Glands,

At the time there was very little information about Health Issues. Breeders either did not want to admit they had a problem or had no advice to give.

Later on there was back yard breeders who just care about the money they were making and not about the dogs.

So as a result of indiscriminate breeders the German Shepherd has now got a number of serious health problems.

Health problems that we need to be open about what problems we as owners or breeders have and what lines the dogs are from we can no longer bury our heads in
the sand like an Ostrich and ignore them.

We need to be honest and open with information and advice.